It's official! Davenport high schools will no longer be on a block schedule.

After an almost unanimous decision, the school board voted to make the change on Tuesday night, though it won't actually take effect until 2021. With the new schedule, students will have seven classes per day, as opposed to four, according to KWQC.

The change is projected to save the schools more than $1 million, and will affect Central, North and West.

I've always wondered what a block schedule was like. When I was in high school, I had a traditional schedule, but the school across town did not. As someone who had a traditional schedule, here's what to expect:

1. It'll probably be a weird adjustment. Instead of having certain classes every other day (like college), you'll have to remember that you have it everyday

2. Once you get in the routine, it'll be easy. It'll just require time management.

3. Workload will definitely change. Whether it'll go up or down, I'm not sure, but it's almost certainly going to change.

How do you feel about the new schedule for students?

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