Okay Davenport, the YMCA needs your help! The Scott County Family Y is hoping to build a new location, but it's going to take some fundraising.

In an announcement today, the YMCA announced that they are trying to raise $12 million to make this happen. They're hoping to build a three-story location near Davenport's 4th Street and East River Drive.

The new location sounds like it'd be amazing too. According to KWQC, it would include:

• 2 pools featuring lap swimming, warm water therapy, youth and family areas
• A full-size gym that will also be used to serve more children and families in the summer and out of school times
• Community areas for people to gather
• Cardio, strength, and state of the art exercise equipment.
• An indoor track, most likely close to 1/8-mile
• YMCA Corporate offices and community meeting areas
• Estimated space of 60-70,000 sq ft.

The cool thing is, they've already raised $7.2 million so far! And that was during the "quiet phase" of the campaign!

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