While I was never a die hard fan of David Dobrik, I always knew about him and his YouTube success. I watched his videos, most of which contained lighthearted fun with his friends, and honestly I thought he seemed like a great guy. While this topic is never easy to talk about in the first place, I have no joy writing this about someone I enjoyed watching. I am only shedding light on accusations, claims, and facts.

The names most notable in the story ahead are Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas, H3 (Ethan Klein) and Seth Francois.

Finding a starting point is hard, seeing as though anyone with a following online has baseless claims thrown at them constantly. That's why I only want to focus on claims that have videos or some type of context to back them up. That being said we'll just go a few months back to Seth's video. He was once a member of the Vlog Squad. He made two videos with different claims, and video evidence to back them up.

Trisha has also made countless videos about the Vlog Squad on her main channel, but more claims that were easier to follow appeared on a podcast she cohosts with H3.

This video caught a lot of eyes, and picked up some talk on TikTok, but didn't go much further than that. Some believe it is because of how strong Dobrik's fan base is. Nevertheless, more videos and claims surfaced according to Trisha. They were anonymous so I won't dive any deeper than mentioning it. Fast forward a few days from episode 19 of Frenemies to H3 After Dark. After the 39 minute mark, Seth came forward with more claims.

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One claim that seems to be the biggest trend from anyone who speaks out is that once they tell Dobrik that they are uncomfortable they are allegedly "kicked out" of the videos for a bit.

Interview starts at 39.00

David also had some claims against Seth. So, to some it is a battle of he said she said. The biggest claim is against Jason Nash who tricked Seth when he was a member of the Vlog Squad into making out with him without Seth's consent. Apparently they also tried to do it a second time after being told that he was incredibly uncomfortable. Seth went on to say,

"Millions of people are misconstruing about my own sexuality and how I feel about participating in something that he didn’t have my consent for.”

Trisha also said she was made to feel uncomfortable, and claims that they also made Tana Mongeau feel uneasy with sexual advances from Jason Nash.  Another video podcast came out yesterday with videos backing up some claims, and now many people are conflicted.

One could chalk this up to cancel culture, or "bitter" YouTubers challenging another YouTuber for clout. However, it does appear to be a bit more than that seeing as though Ethan and Trisha's podcast is already incredibly successful. Both Trisha and Ethan seem to have solid proof to their claims, and they seem to only want David to address the situation as he continues to avoid it like he has been known to do in the past. Other former members of the Vlog squad have said the team was a bit toxic. As more speak out we see the ball in David's court.

The question is will he address any of this?

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