Many "small investors” are calling themselves the 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' as a joke today as memes flood in on all social media about GameStop.

I don't understand stocks, but I do understand memes. Long story short many regular people came together on the internet (most believe it started on Reddit) to go against hedge funds and buy GameStop stocks. This led to memes being made when it worked, and even more people buying into the hype.

Stocks are risky! Many recommend you don't buy into the hype, but in this rare case memes and internet chatter affected the Stock Market like it had never done before. Even the richest man on Earth, Elon Musk Joined in on the fun.

"Stonks" Is a old meme that always makes a comeback when one is joking about the stock market or the "meme stocks." (meme stocks just talk about how long a meme will live on the internet. It is irrelevant to this story.)

Some other great memes that came from this are all over, Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok.

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Many are warning against a potential “burst”, there is also a mini war going on twitter, and Facebook about what's happening. My two favorite quotes from this come from the memers.

The first one quotes Gamestop's slogan "power to the player." The other quotes the Joker, "It's not about the money it's about sending a message." If you take anything away from this it should be that the power of the internet is crazy, and that memes can actually affect the real world. This week has been nothing, but chaos, and many love it.

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