After the season finally of the Mandalorian a large amount of subscriptions were actually canceled. It was the largest cancellation of Disney + on record so far.

It appears that Disney + wants to recapture the magic of Star Wars after the Mandalorin. After rumors of the show, it has finally been confirmed. It is based off of the character Obi Wan Kenobi. No cast members have been confirmed besides the actor who will be playing Kenobi who will be played by Ewan McGregor. The show will be called 'Kenobi.'

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Fans of Star Wars are very excited for this. McGregor played the iconic character in the prequels. He had been seen as one of the highlights of the movies. Many fans making loving memes of him.

A few other actors are rumored to be in this show. After the new Star Wars movie had a few of the prequel actors back, people were excited to  see what potential this show could have. Some even guessing that Hayden Christensen could be making a cameo.

Disney + seems to be trying to follow what the fans want. Again after the huge success of their other Star Wars TV show originals. The Mandalorian has also be confirmed for a season 2. Multiple other original  shows are also being added to Disney +

Are you a fan of Disney + or did you cancel it after Mandalorian?

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