Mother's Day doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

You can literally make Mother's Day happen in a way that will leave your mama in tears. That's what I love doing. Giving her the gift that moves her, so she knows just how much I appreciate her.

Thank goodness for sites like Pinterest for ideas, right?

1. Homemade picture frame

Whether it’s second hand, upcycled or made from paper and fabric scraps, this one is easy. Find your favorite photo of you and your Mom and frame it for her. Any mama will appreciate the memory from both of your perspectives.

2. Write something for her

Whether it’s your favorite memory, a poem or song, Moms always love what’s inside her child’s brain, no matter how old you are. The creativity, what you have to say, what you are thankful for and how you appreciate her, are all guaranteed to make her Mother’s Day.

3. Make a coupon book

My children did this last year for Mother’s Day and for Christmas. Since time truly is our greatest gift, giving our time to help Mom out is a sure-fire way to be one of the the best presents she can get. Make individual coupons for things she needs help with around the house, a pedicure, a shoulder or neck massage, offering to mow the lawn or even shovel snow. Make them redeemable by a certain date or make it a year-long offer.

4. Cook for Mom

I never knew this about myself until I became a mother. While I enjoy cooking for others, the way to my heart is cooking for me. I never knew how much I loved that until it happened. Last year, a friend of mine stayed the night and woke the girls up early. She ended up taking them to the store and helping them make me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. It was the most thoughtful thing they all could have done. And to later find out how they all planned it, it was very heart-warming and appreciated to say the least. It’s always the little things that add up to big moments.

5. Get outdoors

If this one is possible, it’s really cool. It can be as simple as a picnic in her back yard or as elaborate as a quick drive to a scenic park. Lay a blanket down and pack a lunch. Sitting, chatting and eating are all great ways to spend time together. I think picnics are something we’ve nearly lost in our hectic, busy and highly technical world. Unplug, get outdoors and enjoy one another.

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