It's Halloween season meaning it's the best time to tell your best spooky story. Sometimes the stories are based off legends, or even personal experiences. If you have seen any of my stories from Baby Boy Fear To Edinburg Manor you may think I believe in ghosts.

In actuality I am 50 50. I think for many Quad City residents they too are not entirely sure on what is really out there.

I would say I kinda believe I still think I grew up in a haunted house. I'll never forget the unseen force I felt when pushed to the ground after joking about their being a demon in my house, or the countless other stories I have tied to that strange house, but that's just it. Those are stories from childhood.

Sure I've visited countless haunted locations, and have had many strange things happen, but I've had more non strange things happen at "haunted" locations.

I guess it depends on the day for me when it comes to believing in ghosts.

No matter what you believe, horror movies, haunted houses, and spooky stories will always be a fun time. More Halloween fun can be found by clicking the photo below.

Halloween Guide
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