As much as we would like to believe our neighborhoods are safe and crime-free, that's simply just not the case for many of us.

The staggering truth is that drugs are just as prevalent as ever, and methamphetamine is usage has skyrocketed in the midwest in recent years. In fact, an article by Huffington Post says that in 2012, there were almost 400 meth lab incidents in Iowa and over 800 in Illinois.

Those stats are enough to throw any parent into a panic. Luckily, if you're freaked out by the idea of a meth lab in your area, there's now a site where you can find out if you live by one. has a database of clandestine meth labs across the country.

If you search the Quad Cities, you can see that a known lab is listed in Davenport, and there are 676 total in Iowa right now. Yikes.

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