It's prom season. For some seniors, it's the culmination of 4 years as they prepare for their futures...a "last blast" if you will.

Do you remember your prom song? You know, the song that rocked your prom. put together a list of songs that rocked your prom based on the year you graduated starting with 1990.  Click here to get the full list.

I looked at the list, and the big song at my prom was from current I Love the 90's performers, All-4-One called "I Swear." I totally don't remember it. I do remember our theme was " Wonderful Tonight" after the Eric Clapton song.

I'm not sure what this years song will be, but I have a funny feeling it's The Chainsmokers mega hit "Closer." Judging by the reaction by a prom in Chicago, it's a pretty good assumption. The Chainsmokers crashed their prom. Yep, they just showed up and rocked the place. If you watch the video, warning...they use bad words.

Happy prom season. Lets hope its a memorable and safe one.


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