Thanks to Facebook, I've learned about some incredible things in the world. There's pizza vending machines, there's goat yoga, there are massive ice hotels you can stay in. Apparently, there are also dog-friendly movie theaters with bottomless wine.

Of course, the wine is for the human. But there are dog-friendly snacks available for the pups as well.

K9 Cinemas is a theater in Plano, Texas opened at the end of last year, specifically designed to allow dog-lovers to bring their fur babies with them. Tickets are $15, which might be a bit high for a normal movie, but is pretty cheap when you toss in bottomless wine.

There are definitely some rules to follow, including cleaning up after your pup. In addition, on your first visit you need to bring papers from your vet stating that your four-legged friend is up-to-date on vaccinations.

So...who do I talk to about getting one of these in the Quad Cities?

Source: Insider

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