I often get the question, "What's the coolest part about working in radio? Is it getting to meet all the artists?" And that's definitely cool. But I think my favorite might be the things these artists send us sometimes.

There's some staples — hats, t-shirts, etc. — but there are some times when an artist and their team will really get creative. Case in point: Ed Sheeran.

You might not think someone as huge as Ed Sheeran needs to promote his new works. But he still does, and in honor of his new No. 6 Collaborations Project, Ed Sheeran sent us ketchup. Seriously.

Well, technically, this is Edchup. He had a personalized logo made up and put on the bottle.

Your immediate thought is probably "....ketchup? Why?" right? Superfans might know already, but Ed Sheeran LOVES ketchup. He actually has a tattoo of the normal Heinz ketchup logo on his arm!

The best part is, anyone can get their hands on some Edchup, as it's been released in some stores.