Essential oils have been a trending topic for many in these past few years, and if you wanted to learn more about them now you can.

This is a free workshop to learn how to get started safely with essential oils here in the Quad Cities. The event is on February 26th at 7pm. It is taking place at Best Western Plus Steeplegate Inn, in Davenport.

Essential oils are a great first step to a natural and healthy life style for some. My family has been a big fan of essential oils for years now. For many it's much more than just a trend.

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Reiki master Angie Truemper stated,

We started of with Essential oils and saw so many improvements with my own family’s health we began to look closer at how the oil was made. That’s when my husband real jumped on board since he had a green thumb anyways, he said we could make our own so we knew it was 100% pure with no Synthetic. We started out small and instead of making just oil we make Hydrols as well so nothing of the plant is wasted. We grow Wild Bergamont, Thyme, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Basil, Turmeric, lavender, sage, motherwort, Tarragon, Heal-all, Hyssop, Ashwagandha and Oregano just to name a few of our favorites. Their all 100’s of health Benefit to hydrols like Digestion, depression, memory sore throat, nausea, sleeping aid, brain health, helps fight cancer Immune booster antibacterial skin health, Circulation, bone health, increase muscle mass, reduces cortisol, sinus congestion, headache, just to name a few and not to mention all the vitamins you get from the plants that your body doesn’t have to break down because it’s already in a liquid form. It is a lot of work growing the plants caring for them, harvesting and then distilling to get the product but our family enjoys it and we make it a team effort.

This is Angie's hydrosols.


So if you and the family are looking for something new when it comes to health this may be the perfect solution. More information can be found here.

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