Calling all lefties! Today is your day. Each year, August 13 marks Left-Handers Day.

It's not a common trait; of the entire world population, only about 12 percent of people are left-handed. For some, it's a scary thing – seriously, it's called Sinistrophobia. But we aren't to be feared! (Yes, I myself am left-handed).

In fact, left-handers actually get to reap in a lot of benefits. For example: we make more money. Left-handed college grads tend to go on to earn 26 percent more than righties!

Other weird perks of being left-handed:

  • We tend to recover from strokes faster
  • We can adjust to seeing under water easier
  • We have a particular knack for spatial awareness, math, and architecture
  • If we hurt our left hand, we can adjust to using our other one easier than righties can

So a Happy Left-Handers Day to all, and to all a good day!

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