Do you believe weird coincidences have anything more to them?

It happened today. A coincidence so freaky, I actually said, "Freaky Friday, no way!

After my super juice to boost immunity today from Fresh Blends, all I was thinking about was spicy foods. One of my favorite dishes is Pad Thai. I recently discovered a pad thai while on vacation that I love. It was all I could think about today.

I settled for what was within my grasp locally and it's good. While I was eating it, I texted a friend just said, "Pad thai. That is all."

Within mere seconds I got a text back.with exclamation points claiming I must be psychic or something. Then, it was a pic of what they were eating. Pad thai. I sent a pic back of me eating the same the SAME time! What are the odds? (This is when I need a mathematician/statistician on hand. Any takers?)

My friend is in a completely different time zone. We don't discuss our daily intake of food nor have we ever really talked about this particular food before. Coincidence? Yes, but is there more to it? I think it's a 'same wavelength' thing, myself. It made me laugh. I tried to wrap my head around it but decided I'd enjoy the freaky moment instead. Haha.

What's your Freaky Friday story?