Christmas has passed, the New Year has begun, and with that the holiday season is just about over. Unfortunately, that means finding fun, cheap activities gets a little bit harder. Luckily, the Figge is here for us!

For just a few more days, you can get free admission to the museum and see the French Moderns exhibit. The exhibit has been free to see since it arrived, thanks to the Figge using endowment money to cover the cost instead of creating an admission fee for visitors. So far, people have loved it. The Figge has seen 26,000 visitors since the exhibit opened on Oct. 9.

The art pieces are here on loan from the Brooklyn Museum in New York, bringing some seriously high profile pieces by some of the most famous artists of all time to the Quad Cities.

The exhibit is leaving soon though, and with it goes the free admission! You only have until January 6 to take advantage of the rates.

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