If you love going to weekend garage sales, this list is for you.

Every Saturday morning, my grandma would take us out to breakfast and then we'd go garage saling. And I mean, we. would. go. We would hit all the garage sales in the entire Quad Cities. I don't know how she did it. She must have been able to sniff them out because all we had back then was a week old newspaper and cardboard signs.

I geeked a little when I saw this headline on QCOnline.com this morning: The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide for This Weekend. All the cities, all the sales in one place. You can map it out for true time efficiency.

Garage sales takes Thriftshoppin' to a whole new level. Saving money and now, time, with this comprehensive list is certainly one way to spend your Saturday morning.  I must warn that it's going be super hot this weekend, with heat indexes reaching over 100 degrees, so grab plenty of water and your shopping shoes and hit the QC garage sales.


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