It's every parent's nightmare. According to WREX in Illinois, nails were found in a Kit Kat bar that a trick-or-treater brought home in West Bend, Iowa. Police say this appears to be an isolated incident, but that doesn't do much to comfort parents in the area.

The panic also extends to Wisconsin, where sewing needles were found in candy distributed in Arcadia, and nails were also found in three Kit Kat bars from one trick-or-treater's bag in Green Bay. Apparently, you couldn't see the sewing needles unless the candy was broken in half, making it even more difficult for parents to discern whether or not their children's candy is safe.

I always assumed that needles and drugs found in Halloween candy was an urban legend, but apparently in 2017, we have to worry about sick people that find the need to try and harm children in such a malicious way. This is definitely a reminder to ALWAYS double check your child's candy after trick-or-treating each year. They may have already eaten a big portion of their haul by this point, but check anyway. And remember that needles can easily be hidden inside, so thoroughly inspect each piece. So glad no one was hurt by these incidents.

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