She gets super-mom status for caring about this.

We are inundated with messages, gossip and sugar at the checkout lanes. It's all too easy to grab that piece of chocolate before you leave. I am no stranger to grabbing those mints I forget earlier in the store on my way out. However, when you have kids and they are already near melting status by the time you check out, those candy bars can be one more thing for you both to cry about. Been there, done that.

I am among the side of 'more-health-conscientious than-most.' It's something I have grown accustomed to owning and in this world of food-like products, you don't always know what you are getting in the package.

One mom in Michigan decided to do something about the junk food-only option in grocery stores. She started a petition that is gaining momentum.

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Change is only going to happen when you feel moved to do something about it. I'm happy she did. My kids have yelled out very embarrassing things in response to gossipy magazine headlines. While it may be a rite of passage in parenting, it doesn't keep me from wishing Calgon was there to whisk me away when it happens. This could save a lot of stress.

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