With Independence Day quickly approaching, you may have wondered where and when you can shoot off your own fireworks.

WQAD had some tips for fireworks usage over the holiday.

First of all, sorry, Illinois, but you absolutely are not allowed to use fireworks in the state, even if you buy them in Iowa, where they're legal to purchase. If you break the law and let off fireworks anyway, you could receive a $2000 fine.

As far as Iowa goes, residents are allowed to purchase and shoot off fireworks, but the Davenport police say you're only permitted to use them a few nights out of the year. Those times include July 3 and 4 from 2-11 pm and December 31 from 10:00 pm-12:30 pm.

Outside of those dates, and you can also expect to face a hefty fine.

Display fireworks (like those used at Red, White, and Boom) may only be used if you have a permit through the Davenport Fire Department.

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