Hockey is officially back in the Quad Cities, and it's off to a pretty strong start! The Quad City Storm won their inaugural game 4-2. It was a stressful win – they pulled it off in overtime – but it was still a win.

Actually, in hockey terms it was a "barn burner," which means it was fast-paced and a tight competition. I know, weird way to say it right? In fact, hockey has some really odd terms, including "apple" and "pigeon." It's basically its own language.

Luckily, a few hours before the game, we sat down with Storm team members Dalton Mills and Joe McKeown and they translated some of the terms for us. Watch the video below:

Personally, my favorite was grocery stick. It may be harsh but it is funny and makes a lot of sense!

For even more terms, you can check out the list we used here.

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