It's hard to believe it's only October and we are already seeing snow stick in some places. It looks like snow in October may be the new normal for Iowans, but with the derecho only hitting a few months ago, and cleanup still taking place, may people are worried about what delays may occur because of this snow.

According to KCRG the derecho storm has put many road work projects on hold for Cedar Rapids. This is the case for many areas in Iowa. Including the QC, but as Midwesterners we knew the one thing we couldn't put on hold was preparing for winter, and with snow appearing to come earlier each year, thankfully we were (for the most part) prepared for this, but if we face more snow in October what does that mean for derecho clean up?

As of now one of the biggest concerns is a drop in volunteer and donation numbers, which is still very important since some Derecho Storm Resource are still serving hundreds of people a day. A lot of help is still needed in multiple areas. More information can be found here.

Another concern is resources, or the ability to reach areas still needing work with said resources. If the snow sticks then we could face some problems, and seeing as though many people are waking up to a white October this morning, some are worried we may see more snow sticking this month.

What spots in Iowa look like

Hopefully no more surprises hit us this month, but if they do, it is important to help one another, and stick together.

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