As spring continues to bring in nice weather, you may find yourself hiking, walking, or running more. I for one love finding unique hiking spots in the Quad Cities. While you are enjoying that natural QC beauty you might see trees painted with purple paint. Do you know what that means? Many don't realize how important the markings are.

The shortest answer is that these markings now represent a "no trespassing" sign. Both Iowa and Illinois have laws with this.  According to Iowa.Gov,

Senate File 2101 makes changes to Iowa’s trespassing law. If a property owner living in an unincorporated area places purple paint around their property on trees or fence posts, entering the property is forbidden and constitutes trespassing, effective July 1, 2019. The departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources must conduct an information campaign to educate the public and property owners about this change.


Illinois laws state,

SPRINGFIELD, IL � A new law signed by Governor Pat Quinn allows Illinois landowners or lessees the option of using purple paint markings on trees or posts on their property as a �no trespassing� notice. The �Purple Paint Law� is designed as an alternative which Illinois landowners can use to protect their property from trespassing.

The Purple Paint Law gives landowners the option of marking trees or posts to prevent trespassing. One of the biggest benefits of the purple paint being used for no trespassing is that, unlike signs that can be removed or destroyed, the purple paint is pretty permanent.

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While signs are still used by some in Iowa and Illinois, it is important to remember that if you walk past purple paint then you are trespassing.

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