IL police are getting serious about one particular driving violation.

According to a press release,  IDOT has provided 100 law enforcement agencies with $500,000 to ramp up enforcement as part of an initiative for the last week of distracted driving month. That means talking on your phone or texting while driving will be closely monitored over the next six days.

Illinois is a hands-free state as of a couple of years ago, which many seem to forget. Others don't care when it comes to texting while driving. I can't even tell you how many people I've witnessed looking down at their phone while they're supposed to have their eyes on the road. It's truly scary, and I can't blame IDOT and IL police for cracking down on distracted driving.

Of course, you should be a safe driver all year round, but it seems like getting a ticket is likely right now if you choose to not set the phone down. Stay safe and pay attention this week and every week.

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