If you're a December baby, you probably know what it's like to have your birthday overlooked. Usually you just get lumped in with the holiday right? I feel for you. So I decided it was time to write an official shoutout to all December babies – but mostly one in particular. Here's to you, Illinois!

On December 3, 1818, Illinois was officially made a state – that makes today its 200th birthday! (I think she looks pretty decent for her age). There's a few different celebrations happening in Chicago, but that's a bit far to drive.

If you're looking for an easy way to celebrate in the Quad Cities, you can just have a movie night! With it being December now, it's a perfect time to watch Home Alone; Kevin McAllister's house is actually located in Illinois.

But if you want to be a true Illinoisan, you'll watch The Blues Brothers. In a poll celebrating the state's bicentennial, it was voted the number one movie based on or filmed in Illinois.

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