Well, the good news is, it's finally warm out! And as much fun as it is to be able to hang out in the pool and out on the river, it's not exactly good news for driving. (There's always some kind of catch when it comes to weather, right?)

Now, it's supposed to get HOT in the Quad Cities this week. Like, 90 degrees by 10 a.m. kind of hot. And that's without factoring in the heat index. With such high temperatures the roads of the Quad Cities might literally fall apart.

The technical term for this, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation, is "buckling." It happens when heat causes the road to expand. When the road is paved, it's actually done in segments, leaving room for it to expand in cases like this.

But eventually, the segments run out of room, and expand into each other and crack. It's kind of like when rain creates potholes; heat creates actual pavement crashes and crumbling. In short: be on the lookout as you drive this week into the weekend!

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