Braden Gunem

This story is so heartbreaking, and also serves as a reminder to parents to be diligent when it comes to newborn safety. According to WQAD, Des Moines infant Mariana Sifrit, who was born on July 1,  contracted Meningitis HSV1 after being exposed to a cold sore from someone who kissed her. Her parents noticed she was exhibiting symptoms such as no appetite and was becoming non-responsive.

Mariana survived for ten days after being hospitalized in both Des Moines and Iowa City but sadly succumbed to the illness yesterday. A Go Fund Me page was set up to help with medical expenses prior to her death.

As a parent, I can only imagine how Mariana's family is feeling right now. Having a newborn is an extremely wonderful, but stressful time, and the notion that something as innocent as a visitor giving your baby a kiss could end up causing their death is terrifying. It serves as a reminder to always have friends and family members wash their hands and never put your infant in contact with someone who has cold sores or any type of illness. Keeping your baby inside without exposure to many people for the first month is also a good idea. I would never blame the parents in this situation though. I wish them nothing but the best as they now deal with their daughter's untimely death.

Read more about the story over at WQAD.

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