This Monday will be the official beginning of the political season with the Iowa Caucuses. All eyes will be on the state and if you plan on caucusing, here is everything you need to know to participate, no matter what party you are with, because both parties will caucus on Monday.

Before we get to the full list of locations, new this year are satellite caucus locations. These satellite locations are located in areas like accessibility and assisted living centers, language and community gathering places, work centers, and union halls, according to the Iowa Democrats. There are 19 working-related sites, 21 sites on college campuses, 38 sites that accommodate accessibility needs including aging service centers, 12 sites that are accommodating to language and culture needs, and 9 sites for those Iowans who are out of state.

Cities with satellite caucus locations include Iowa City, Muscatine, West Burlington, Davenport, Dubuque and more. The full list of satellite locations can be found here.

The Scott County Democrats released the full list of caucus locations before the Iowa caucuses this Monday. These caucus sites include schools, churches and other venues. If you aren't familiar with caucusing, this is your chance to express you're presidential candidate preference. This also helps form party platform planks, finding the issues people are concerned about.

If you want to participate in the 2020 Iowa Caucuses, you need to register to vote and select your party you affiliate with. Caucus sites are not the same as polling places. To find you caucus site, determine what precinct you are in by using the Scott County Auditor's Office Precinct Finder. If you are a rural resident, you may want to find your caucus location by searching by zip code.

To find the full list of caucus locations from the Scott County Democratic Party click here. You can also check with the party in your county. To learn how to caucus, click this link for more information from the Iowa Democratic Party.

As mentioned at the start of this article, Republicans will also caucus on Monday. The Scott County Republicans released a full of locations in Scott County for Republicans to participate. That list is below but for procedures, to find your precinct and more, click here.

For the full list of locations from the Iowa GOP, click here.

  • Central High School: 1120 N Main Street, Davenport
    • D51, D52, D53, D54, D61, D62, D63, D64, D74, D84
  • Grant Wood Elementary School: 1423 Hillside Drive, Bettendorf
    • B23, B41, B42
  • Mark Twain Elementary School: 1620 Lincoln Road, Bettendorf
    • B11, B12, B21, B22
  • North Scott Junior High School: 502 S 5th Street, Eldridge
    • DH, EL1, EL2, LG, MC, PKV, WF
  • Pleasant Valley Junior High School: 3501 Wisconsin Street, LeClaire
    • B31, B32, B51, B52, LC1, LC2, LCT, PR, PV, RV
  • Walcott School: 545 James Street, Walcott
    • AG, HG, LB, WC
  • West High School: 3505 W Locust Street, Davenport
    • BF, BG, BU, D11, D12, D13, D14, D31, D32, D33, D34, D41, D42, D43, D44
  • Wood Intermediate School: 5701 N Division Street, Davenport
    • D21, D22, D23, D24, D71, D72, D73, D81, D82, D83

If you do not reside in Scott County, click here to find your caucus location in your respective county.

The Illinois primary election will be held March, 17.

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