A 10 year-old girl in Iowa (and her parents) are crushed after bullies used permanent marker.

Bullies. The one thing that will punch me directly in the 'mama bear' button so fast that I even surprise myself how upset I can get. I have zero tolerance for it. I won't put with it around me and I won't stay quiet if I see it in public. I'm that Mom. If you hurt my children, you WILL have me to deal with for a very long time.

No doubt, I'm not the only parent like this. Many parents feel the same way and will do anything to protect their children. Bullying has become an epic problem, both in school and online. So much so, the new first lady, Melania Trump has made it her platform to address during the time her husband will be in office.

None of our children have been exempt from bullying, not even mine. I admit there is a certain level of understanding that comes from it. Our children learn the world isn't always a nice place, people can and will be mean jerks, and while it's a reminder to them of who not be and who not to hang around, it's one of the most potentially damaging situations with long-term effects.

My heart goes out to 10 year-old Raeann Dabney from Titan Hill School in Council Bluffs and her family.

According to KWQC.com.

I feel there needs to be harsher consequences for students (and parents, if necessary) for bullying. The snarky mean-girl culture needs to be over.

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