These high school students will never forget what happened today.

It's the scenario I used to dream about as a student. I'd come to school and one of my favorite celebrities or heart throbs (ok, Johnny Depp) would be there. I heard about it happening and saw it on various news stories and had always hoped, with fingers crossed, that kind of magic would infiltrate my school day.

While that never happened to me, it happened in the biggest way today in Oskaloosa, IA. Wouldn't ya know, Iowa Native and all around amazing guy, Ashton Kutcher stopped by with his equally amazing celebrity wife, Mila Kunis, during an impromtu school assembly.

Last year, I attended The Back Porch Revival, the first-ever concert at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, IA. It all benefits the Iowa Native Fund, a non-profit started by Ashton Kutcher and Dallas Clark (former NFL player and IA Hawkeye) to help families in need after disaster.

To my surprise and everyone else's, Ashton Kutcher sang on stage with Thomas Rhett. Oh the memories. I had no idea he could sing or maybe I was so enamored, that anything that he sang would have sounded beautiful.


Ashton Kutcher loves his native home state of Iowa. This isn't the first time he has surprised Iowans, nor is it the last. Of course, one of my dream interviews would be with Ashton Kutcher (and his 'Bad Mom' wife, Mila). Together, they are like my spirit animal. That would be one amazing dream come true. I'll put that on the 'someday' list.


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