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The coronavirus is forcing majority of Americans to work from home, but working at home can be difficult. Parents have to keep their kids entertained and fed, the fridge full of alcohol is 10 feet away, and some people have a really hard time working where they normally go to relax.

Depending on what state you live in can also depend on how you work from home. WalletHub conducted a survey to see which states are the best when it comes to working from home. In their survey, they looked at 12 key components to rank each state. Those key components included 4 in the "Work Environment" category:

  • Share of Workers Working from Home (pre-COVID-19)
  • Share of Potential Telecommuters
  • Households’ Internet Access
  • Cybersecurity

And they also looked at 8 key components in the "Living Environment" category:

  • Average Retail Price of Electricity
  • Access to Low-priced Internet Plan
  • Internet Cost
  • Median Square Footage per Average Number of Persons in a Household
  • Share of Detached Housing Units
  • Average Home Square Footage
  • Share of for Sale Homes with Lot Greater than 1,000 Square Feet
  • Share of for Sale Homes with Swimming Pool

According to WalletHub's survey, Illinois ranked at 35 on the list with a 30 score for "Work Environment" and a 44 score for "Living Environment".

That's not to bad compared to Iowa. Iowa ranked overall at 44 on WalletHub's list. Iowa scored a 38 in the "Work Environment" category and a 42 in the "Living Environment" category.

Source: WalletHub

The state that scored the number one spot on the list was Delaware. Last on this list is Alaska. That makes sense.

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