Snow is literally on our doorstep and there are some things that are illegal to do in Iowa when it comes to snow accumulation.

I don't handle snow well at all if I have to be out in it. I hate driving in it, hate being cold, and yes I'm aware I'm in for an absolute treat between now through May.


I have an all-wheel drive car but driving in the snow and slick crap still stresses me out. That's why I absolutely cannot stand when people do this one thing. Or rather don't do it.

Clean Off Your Car Before You Drive

I know it sucks. There have been many mornings I do not want to spend more time outside than I have to and brushing off the inches of snow on my hood/windshield/side/entire car feels like impending frostbite.

It is illegal in the state of Iowa to not clean snow accumulation off of your car before you drive it. 

It's already so awful to be driving after a snowfall and you're behind that person in traffic who didn't clean off their car and now all of the snow from their car is flying back into your windshield. But it's illegal to drive your car if you can't see anything because of the snow.

The legal words from Iowa Code:

A person shall not drive a motor vehicle equipped with a windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows which do not permit clear vision.

Read: just brush off the snow. You can be fined if you don't clean it. While cleaning your hood isn't part of the law, Iowa State Patrol recommends you clean your hood too so you're not the aforementioned annoying person. The law is in the same vein as the one that dictates how dark you can tint your car windows.

The Iowa State Patrol told WHO13 that they don't issue tickets often for snow-covered windows but they will if it results in an accident.

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