An Iowa reporter could face jail time for her coverage of Chris Soules' case.

It's not everyday you hear of journalists being threatened with jail time and a fine for covering a court case. This bizarre news puts another spin on the case of Iowa Bachelor Chris Soules, who was arrested and facing felony charges after rear-ending a tractor that killed a fellow farmer.

According to,

"Prosecutors are pursuing contempt of court proceedings against KWWL’s Elizabeth Amanieh, a reporter for the NBC affiliate in Waterloo, in what could be the first such case against an Iowa journalist in decades. If convicted, she could be punished with a $500 fine and up to 180 days in jail."

Elizabeth Amanieh recorded the hearing on her cell phone, which ended up being viewed publicly, allegedly violating the judge's orders that video coverage must be pre-approved.

Both Chris Soules and reporter, Elizabeth Amanieh plead 'not guilty' to their respective charges in court.