This Iowa university wants serious gamers.

I didn't even know eSports was a real thing until my daughters told me people get paid to play games and there are even championships and everything. I'll admit. I'm 'that' person. I'm 'that' mom.  I don't like video games at all and think it's a real turn off, but hey, I know a lot of people who love them and this is a real wake-up call.

If your child is a gamer, there could be a bigger future ahead for him or her, much more than this mama ever thought was possible. I'm not sure what they have for husbands who game, but that may even be a great mentorship opportunity.

According to Cole McFarland, Head eSports Coach at Grand View University in Des Moines, IA.,  on,

"Just wanted to write a quick post to let people in the surrounding area, (especially those who might just be graduating from high school) that we are recruiting for our collegiate eSports Team! We are primarily focused on our Varsity League of Legends Team, and trying to fill it with elite players. Also, we are looking for those who want to develop and reach that next level by coming on as a JV player. Our Junior Varsity will compete in a variety of online and live tournaments in different games to gain experience in their game of choice. We are even looking for Analysts and Casters who love the game and want to really dive into the meta game. Contact me if you're interested, and yes.. we are are a sport and Scholarships are available to qualifying recruits."