A man just isn't the same without his best friend. This Iowa vet needs our help finding his.

Afghanistan veteran, Jathan Chicoine near Ames, Iowa is needing the help of fellow Iowans today. The dog he had with him in Afghanistan while on patrol, the dog that brought him and many others comfort during hard times overseas, went on his own expedition and hasn't returned.

The dog's name is 'Jack' and would help keep soldiers safe from other animals while on patrol. Once the base stopped allowing animals on site to help, Chicoine wanted to make sure his furry friend had a home. So, he brought him to Iowa, where has lived happily since.

In a post that has over 3,000 shares already, Jack still isn't home.


In a story covered by WHOTV.com , Chicoine is hopeful for his return.

"I do feel confident that he's going to find his way home, and with everybody's help, I look forward to seeing him again."