Okay, I've seen some pretty weird foods in my life (everything from bacon ice cream to chocolate covered potato chips), but this one has to take the cake. Or maybe it takes the butter? Allow me to explain.

Offbeat did a slideshow of the 'grossest foods' in the US and picked fried butter as Iowa's nastiest treat. I must admit I've never tried the dairy delicacy, but just the look of it is enough to clog my arteries for the rest of my life.

I know fried butter is a big hit at the Iowa State Fair, but does anyone actually enjoy eating it? I mean, butter is creamy and salty, but it can't taste nearly as good as, say, a fried Oreo (which I totally tried last summer and loved. Whoops!). I tend to agree with Offbeat- Just not sure I can get down with this snack, especially with its high-fat content. If I'm eating something sinful, I at least want it to be worth it.

Enjoy these (delicious?) photos of fried butter, courtesy of Instagram users:

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