Feeling sick to your stomach? It may not be the flu. Iowa's new hotline can help.

Within the past month, Eggo waffles had a massive recall for listeria contamination concerns. Listeria is a food-borne illness. There were more recalls for the same thing just last week, when Nestle put out a recall on Drumsticks for testing positive for listeria.

Food-borne illness is no joke. Sometimes the symptoms of queasiness and stomach cramping can be confused with flu-like symptoms, not realizing it could be more.

According to KWQC,com, The Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Inspections and appeals have recently launched a Foodborne Illness Hotline. 844-IowaSic (IowaSic hotline at 844-469-2742).

If you suspect food-borne illness or discover you have eaten a food that is contaminated, don't hesitate to call.