This morning on the Brook and Jubal Show, they did a 2nd Date Update where a guy took a lady out and she ordered 3 other meals to go. What she neglected to tell him was that she has 3 kids at home. The gentlemen asked for her to pay for part of the date after shelling out almost $200 on the date. I found this similar story this morning at thought...hmmm, could he be on to something?

I'm really torn between whether the guy in this story is comically cheap . . . or a hero.

A 38-year-old woman named Lucy Brown from London met a guy on Plenty of Fish last week and they went on a date to a bar.  But when he contacted her about a second date, she said she wasn't really interested.

So the guy sent her a long text message . . . asking her to pay him $53 for her half of their first date.

Quote, "I really [liked] you and saved up some money to take you on a nice date.  As it didn't work out, I'd be grateful if you could send along something to contribute for the drinks I spent on you thinking I'd at least get to see you again."

And . . . Lucy actually sent him the money.  She also donated the same amount to a donkey sanctuary which, first of all, is apparently something that exists and, second of all, is a not-so-subtle message that she thinks he's a jackass.

Ok fellas, I don't recommend asking for half of the money if you want a second date. Even if the date goes horribly wrong...DON'T DO IT!

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