Following Elon Musk on Twitter is a bit stressful. He is obviously a genus, but is also a huge internet troll. Meaning he makes random posts for no reason causing confusion on purpose. He usually tweets random things offering no explanation.

This tweet for instance brought down the Tesla stock by 10%. That's crazy power from a tweet. A literal tweet lost people money.

So it's safe to say when his girlfriend, Grimes came out saying she was pregnant people were skeptical.

Now there are pictures providing proof that Musk and Grimes are parents. People have been asking for pictures nonstop, and Elon shared a few. The first one is a very normal one.

Elon also shared a few goofy one, which was to be expected. After all he is known on the internet for doing those random things. To be fair this one is kind of funny, and was received well.

Elon also went on to confirm the gender of the child as a boy. Could this all some how be a crazy Joke by Elon? Odds are no, but boy would that be crazy and just further cause distrust with this world famous "mad man." Only time will tell, but for now I will stick to saying congrats Grimes and Elon! I am also still hoping to some day buy a flame thrower from him, but that's a different story.

Are you a fan of the Musk and Grimes family, or are they a bit to random for your liking. Let us know on the B100 App.

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