With dangerous temps hitting the Quad Cities this week, you've probably taken precautions to make sure your family stays safe. Something you may have overlooked while prepping for the heat? Switching out your pet's glass water dish.

The Davenport Fire Department included the tip on a Facebook post about pet safety, saying glass dishes should be replaced with metal or plastic. Glass bowls have the potential to ignite and create a fire if they're placed on wooden decks.

Another potential hazard to watch out for in this heat is water bottles left inside your vehicle. According to KWQC, water bottles left in direct sunlight have the potential to catch upholstery on fire.

One such scenario happened in Idaho in 2017, when a car's seat began burning after a plastic water bottle was left inside on a hot day.

Considering temps have the potential to reach 110 Thursday through Saturday, it's probably best to bring your water bottle with you when you park your car.

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