Fun fact: a baby eagle is called an eaglet. Cue the "the more you know" jingle in your head. It's bound to pop up in Jeopardy or a trivia night at some point.

Of course, if you've lived in the area for awhile, you probably know this thanks to Arconic Davenport Works. And now, it's that time again. They have two eaglets in their nest, and both need names.

Arconic will be taking public input through this week, and announce five top pairings to be voted on next week, according to their Facebook post. Check out the little cuties:

So far, popular suggestions are very patriotic. There are multiple comments on the post suggesting "Glory" and "Honor." "Faith" is also a popular suggestion. In just 24 hours, the Facebook post has gotten more than 100 comments, and that's only one means of submission.

What do you think the eaglets should be named?

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