Selena Gomez and her boyfriend Benny Blanco are getting pretty serious, it seems.

The Only Murders in the Building star and the music producer have been dating for nearly a year and Blanco got candid about the future of their relationship in a recent interview on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show.

"What do you mean? That's, like, my next goal on the box," Blanco said after Stern assumed he has "no room for kids" in his life.

"I've got a lotta god kids, I've got a ton of nephews. It's my thing. I love being around kids," Blanco continued.

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In addition to creating a family with Gomez, Blanco revealed that he also has marriage on the brain.

When Stern said he was "predicting marriage" for the couple, Blanco replied, "You and me both."

"I don't have anything. What do you mean? I've got no shoes on. I've gotta get my act together," Blanco added of the fact that he doesn't have a ring yet and was sitting barefoot during the interview.

Elsewhere in the interview he praised Gomez's work ethic and called her inspirational.

"We laugh all f--king day. She inspires me. I get home from work, I think I had a good day. I’m like, 'What did you do?' 'Oh I just filmed this thing with Meryl Streep and then I went to a fundraiser and now I’m recording.' My day sounds like s--t every day compared to hers," he gushed.

"When I look at her, I’m always just like, I don't know a world where it could be better than this," Blanco said seriously about his relationship with Gomez.

"People always said this to me, when you know you meet your best friend, she truly is my best friend," he continued, calling the singer "the coolest, nicest, sweetest."

The pair confirmed their relationship publicly in December 2023, but in the interview, Blanco revealed that their anniversary is "right around her birthday [July 22]."

He also shared that he has "some really good stuff" in the works to celebrate their milestone.

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