High Point, NC (May 14) – A Walmart greeter was left with injuries to his face and head after being attacked by a man whose girlfriend was angered over a routine receipt check, police reported.

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Elderly Walmart Greeter Assaulted by North Carolina Couple Over Receipt Check

Vincent Battaglia, 68, was working at the Walmart Supercenter in High Point, North Carolina, yesterday when he was confronted by Trevon Waden, 27. Waden was reportedly upset that Battaglia had stopped his girlfriend, Tomeisha Robbs, 28, at the exit to check her receipt.

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According to the police report, Battaglia explained to the couple that he was simply doing his job. This explanation did not appease Robbs, who allegedly began yelling at Waden to "take care of him." In response, Waden punched Battaglia in the left eye, causing the elderly man to fall and strike his head on the ground.

The couple then fled the store without offering any assistance to the injured greeter, who sustained injuries to his face and head from the assault.

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Arrested And Charged

Police, who were familiar with Robbs and Waden from previous encounters, tracked the couple to their residence, located a few miles from the Walmart. Both were arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. Additionally, Waden was cited for failure to appear in court in connection with a separate criminal matter.

Court records indicate that Robbs is currently unemployed, while Waden works as a cook at East Coast Wings & Grill.

Walmart has yet to comment on the situation, and Battaglia's current condition remains undisclosed.

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