It's that time of the year again when people start thinking about which pumpkin patch they want to go to. With so many amazing local patches across Iowa, it's hard to believe someone could even make a list like this. There are just too many great picks out there.

Still, our friends at Only In Your State have created a new list this year.

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It is important to remember that this list isn't the end all be all of pumpkin lists. You might know of a patch that this list missed. If so let us know on our app.

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7 Of The Best Pumpkin Patches In Iowa

The best pumpkin patches in Iowa are just as varied as these massive gourds – some are located on small, humble, family-owned farms. Others are located on sprawling rural retreats packed with fall activities.

Cute Little Girls Holding Their Pumpkins At A Pumpkin Patch

7. Colony Acres Family Farm - North Liberty

6. Harvestville Farm - Donnellson

5. Uncle Bill's Farm - Grinnell

4. Pumpkinville - Mitchellville

3. Howell's Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch - Cumming

2. Pumpkin Express - Boone

It's time to see one of the best pumpkin patches in Iowa. I have been lucky enough to have gone to this one as a kid, and I gotta say the OIYS really got it right with this one. I always loved this spot.

pumpkins at night
Taylor Rooney/Unsplash

1. Bloomsbury Farm

This farm is located in Atkins Iowa, and is a blast.

Bloomsbury Farm runs its iconic fall festival from September 22nd to October 29th Friday to Sunday. You can expect great food, family-friendly games, a ten-acre corn maze, and a sprawling 18-acre pumpkin patch. That's during the day - at night this whole farm turns into a massive haunted attraction! You can see more here.

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