They called this episode "The Tiger King and I." This episode should have been called "The roast of Joe, Carole, and her husband. (The alive one not the one who she MAY have killed.) I think his name is Howard."

It's considered one of the most popular documentaries of all time. So it makes sense that they have made another episode. It's not as high quality, it's not the same style, but it's pretty good!

We got to see the biggest names and fan favorites from the show, with people like Jeff Lowe, Lauren Lowe, John Reinke, Kelci saffery, and a few others. You won't be seeing Joe and Carole, they weren't there to really defend themselves.

Some people defended Joe a bit. People like Kelci saffery, and Josh Dial. No one really defended Carole, and Jeff said he still thinks she killed her husband. All agreed, and so do I, Joe deserves to be in prison.

This episode answered some of the funnier questions, and a few deep ones. The most heart breaking one is about when Travis killed himself, and Josh said he knew it wasn't on purpose. Josh said he could see the "surprise in his eyes."

This episode is shorter and to the point, and I did enjoy seeing the familiar faces, but in the end it didn't compare to what I was expecting. Not to mention the conflicting answers is a bit annoying. Over all I give it a 7.5/10, compared to the 10/10 for the original

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