Many Local theaters all over the area are open and sharing a wide variety of movies. Many are throw backs with a a Halloween feel to them. I noticed "Monsters Inc." was playing at a few theaters, but there are a few new movies out.

Personally I thought any new movie out right now would be bad, I was expecting the bottom of the barely, the first trailer I watched was for Murder in the Woods,


For me that looked rough, but then I saw the Movie "The Empty Man"

The trailer kinda makes it look like a boring teen movie, but after watching the 15 minute prologue I was pulled in, and knew this movie was going to be way better than I thought.

I was honestly surprised by how long this movie was, sitting at 2 hours and 17 minutes. This movie has multiple twists, and some honestly great scares. The ending however leaves many lost. It does make sense for the most part if you are paying close attention, but many can admit there are some plot holes that are never covered.

This story is based on Cullen Bunn & Vanesa R. Del Rey's 'The Empty Man' comic series published by Boom! Studios. And started production for the movie all the way back in 2017.

I saw absolutely zero advertising for this movie, but when you're one of the few in theaters I guess you don't need much.

In the end it is no masterpiece, but did offer a fun ride, and some good conversation afterwards. In the end I give this movie 6.5 out of 10.

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