We received a message over the weekend on Facebook from Holly Kay. She is asking us to share with our listeners a story about her son Mitchell. I saw a piece about her story on the news last week. She is looking for 100 birthday cards for her son's 14th birthday. Mitchell is Autistic. Here is Holly's message:

"This is my son Mitchell. He has a huge heart and is smarter than anyone I have ever met!! Mitchell is Autistic.

His birthday is on February 20th and he will turn 14, and I really want to make it an extra special day for him. You see, every year he has a birthday party, but no one ever comes. We literally invite every single child in his grade and every year he excitedly sits on the couch and just waits and waits, until he is too bummed out to wait anymore. This is horrible for any child to have to go through, but trying to explain this to a child that has Autism is even harder. He looks at it as no one likes him.

He has never had a friend over, nor has he ever been to a friend's house to hang out. He desperately wants to, but is scared of rejection.

I would love for him to receive 100 birthday cards from all over the world to wish him a Happy Birthday!! He would be beside himself with happiness and excitement!! Please share this post in hopes that it will make its way around and Mitchell can have the best birthday ever!!!"

His address is:

Mitchell Kay

28 Parklane Circle

Bettendorf, Iowa 52722

This last year, I witnessed the crowning of a Homecoming King and Queen in Muscatine that were BOTH Autistic. Now, I don't understand much about Autism, and I'm not going to pretend I do, and I don't know what it's like to not have any friends, but I can tell you, as if being a teenager isn't hard enough, for Mitchell...this sucks!

Holly told me she is going to throw Mitchell a birthday party this year. It will be February 17th at the Bettendorf Community Center from 5:30-9:30...and everyone is invited! I will be there (shhh, it's a surprise) and I'm bringing some friends with me. Maybe I'll show up with my Dj gear and make it a party. Please share this and lets give this young man a birthday party he'll never forget.

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