Tensions are high between Davenport coffee shops Atomic Coffee Bar and Coffee Hound. According to Facebook posts from Coffee Hound and its owner, Paige Alexander, someone driving the Atomic Jeep has been harassing Coffee Hound workers. Accusations have also been thrown around from both camps about stealing drink ideas.

Apparently, Atomic co-owner Peter Schillaci has been trolling Coffee Hound's Facebook posts, according to screenshots featured in the thread. Some of the drama originated in this Coffee Hound ad's comment section (click on the picture to see):

Here is a Facebook thread from Paige Alexander detailing some of the alleged harassment:

It's disappointing to see that two well known and well liked coffee shops cannot seem to co-exist without drama getting involved. We have always been fans of both shops, so it's difficult to take sides in the matter (especially without knowing all of the facts first). We just hope that this drama can be resolved quickly, so that everyone can go back to enjoying their favorite coffee in peace.

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