Say it isn't so. A favorite McDonald's item tastes a lot different these days and the customers are throwing a fit over it.

According to WQAD, the chain recently re-formulated their apple pies to make the treat healthier. McDonald's is now using 100 percent American grown apples, along with fewer (and may we speculate, less junk-filled) ingredients. They're also baking the pies instead of frying, which I can imagine gives the dessert a different texture.

The recipe change is not going over well on social media, with public outcry coming from Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, better quality apples do not equal a better pie.

Just a few of the gems I spotted on social media:

"PLEASE return the 1970's era ORIGINAL apple pie."

"Pies are not health food! Bring back the original fried pie!" 

And, perhaps the most dramatic statement:

"My entire childhood is gone."

Here's hoping the pie devotees can come around to the new look and taste.

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