We know the awesome grandstand acts set for the Mississippi Valley Fair but they've announced who will take some of their smaller stages!

When you go to the fair, you'll see several tents set up that will have live music over the course of the fair. Here's their 2022 lineup:

mississippivalleyfairgrounds Instagram
mississippivalleyfairgrounds Instagram

We can't wait! Besides the grandstand, you'll find music at the Pavilion, Farmer's Tent, Shed, Oldies Tent, and Craft Beer Tent.

Grandstand acts this year are:

Tuesday, August 2 - Kid Rock

Wednesday, August 3 - Nelly and Flo Rida

Thursday, August 4 - Jimmie Allen

Friday, August 5 - Carly Pearce

Saturday, August 6 - Brantly Gilbert

Sunday, August 7 - Dustin Lynch (replacing Toby Keith)

Don't forget to get your Mississippi Valley Fair Fun Cards! Now that it's after June 15, they're $100 and you have to have the Fun Cards to get into the grandstand shows. If you don't want to get them online, you can pick them up in the fair office (open Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.), Great Southern Bank, Hy-Vee, and Kwik Star.

For more details on the MVF, including schedules and more, check out their website! Here's what you need to know on daily grounds admission:

  • Adult tickets (includes one entrance to the fairgrounds): $10/day
  • Child tickets age 4-12 (includes one entrance to the fairgrounds): $5/day
  • Kids under 3: Free every Fair day.

We're super excited about the fair, rides, and the wonderful fried goodness of fair food. We will see you in August at the Mississippi Valley Fair!

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