Will the Quad Cities get a train station? If you've lived here long enough, you've probably heard about it for years without seeing anything materialize. Recent reports revealed that the passenger rail idea has funding set aside, but it still may not come through.

Still, plans are being made for if and when it does happen. The latest development comes out of Moline. According to KWQC, MetroLINK and the City of Moline have teamed up on plans to build a skybridge.

The walkway will/would connect the Centre bus station to the would-be train station. The idea is that funds for the walkway will come from whatever's left from the grant designated for construction of the rail itself.

Of course, there wouldn't be enough left to cover the skywalk entirely, so MetroLINK has promised to give nearly $500,000 to the project.

But again, this is all still one big "if it happens" situation.

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